JBL Live Pro 2


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JBL Live Pro 2 True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: Elevate Your Listening Experience


In a world filled with countless audio gadgets, the JBL Live Pro 2 True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling Earbuds stand out as a prime example of innovation and audio excellence. In this detailed article, we will explore the remarkable features that make these earbuds a top choice for those who demand nothing but the best. Join us on this auditory journey as we unveil the power of JBL Live Pro 2.


Superior Noise Cancellation


Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The JBL Live Pro 2 earbuds are equipped with cutting-edge Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology, which adjusts to your surroundings in real time. Whether you’re on a busy street, in a crowded cafe, or taking a long flight, these earbuds ensure that you hear every note of your music and every word of your calls with unparalleled clarity. The world around you fades away, leaving you with an immersive audio experience like no other.


Beamforming Microphones

Communication is key, and these earbuds take it to the next level. The built-in beamforming microphones focus on your voice while suppressing background noise, ensuring crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments. Whether you’re in a bustling office or walking down a windy street, your voice remains the centre of attention.


Unmatched Sound Quality


JBL Signature Sound

JBL is renowned for its commitment to delivering top-tier sound quality, and the Live Pro 2 earbuds are no exception. You’ll experience powerful bass, rich mids, and crisp highs that bring your music to life. Every genre, from classical to hip-hop, sounds just as the artist intended.


Ambient Aware and TalkThru

Stay connected to your surroundings without removing your earbuds. Ambient Aware mode lets you hear essential background sounds, ensuring your safety during outdoor activities. With TalkThru, you can engage in conversations without missing a beat. Simply touch the earbud to activate these modes and stay in touch with your environment.


Long-Lasting Battery Life



Up to 7 Hours Playback

The Live Pro 2 earbuds provide up to 7 hours of playback on a single charge, making them ideal for long journeys or a full day at the office. The included charging case offers additional power, giving you up to 28 hours of playtime. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constantly recharging your earbuds.


Seamless Connectivity


 Fast Pairing and Bluetooth 5.0

With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the Live Pro 2 earbuds offer fast and stable connectivity. They pair with your devices effortlessly, and you can switch between them with ease. Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, these earbuds adapt to your needs.




The JBL Live Pro 2 True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling Earbuds are a testament to JBL’s commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences. With their adaptive noise cancellation, impeccable sound quality, extended battery life, and seamless connectivity, they are the perfect companion for anyone seeking the best in wireless audio technology.


Elevate your listening experience and immerse yourself in a world of sound with the JBL Live Pro 2. These earbuds are not just an accessory; they’re a gateway to a new level of audio bliss.


Upgrade your listening. Embrace JBL Live Pro 2.


JBL Live Pro 2 True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: Perfect Earbuds for Bangladesh


In the vibrant soundscape of Bangladesh, the JBL Live Pro 2 True Adaptive Noise-Cancelling Earbuds have found their perfect home. These earbuds bring unmatched innovation to the Bangladeshi music scene.


With noise-cancellation that adapts to the bustling streets of Dhaka, these earbuds offer a serene listening experience. Crystal clear sound, rich bass, and balanced mids make every track come alive, whether it’s a Tagore song or the latest chart-topper.


These earbuds don’t just play; they keep playing with up to 7 hours of battery life and an extended 28-hour charge in the case. The secure fit wings ensure comfort during long commutes.


Designed for seamless connectivity and easy controls, the Live Pro 2 earbuds are the ideal accessory for those who cherish their music. In a country where music is a way of life, these earbuds elevate the experience.


Upgrade your listening. Embrace JBL Live Pro 2


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